Sports Biography

Vladimir started swimming at the age of nine. He won medals at the national and state championships in the categories of cadets, juniors, and elite in disciplines of 50 m and 100 m freestyle as a member of the Swimming Club Dinamo from Pančevo. He participated in his first triathlon back in 1993. He was one of the founders of the Triathlon Club Tamiš from Pančevo in 1994. In the following period, he participated in more than 200 triathlon races, becoming the national junior champion in triathlon (1995, 1996), national elite champion in the Olympic distance triathlon (1997, 1998, 2009) and the national champion in aquathlon (2007). Two years later he won the Cup of the Serbian Triathlon Union (STU) and the national championship in the Xterra triathlon (2009). He was a member of the national triathlon team of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro and Serbia in periods (1995-2000) and (2004-2014). He won seven medals at the Balkan Championships. He participated in European and World cup triathlon races, European and world triathlon championships and won 2nd place at the European Championship (2007, Olympic distance, category AG 30-34), 1st place at the European Championship (2009, Olympic distance, category AG 30- 34), 1st place at the World Championship (2010, aquathlon category AG 30-34) and 1st place in the European Championship (2013, Olympic distance, category AG 35-39)....

He participated in 12 long distance triathlons, and his most significant performances were:
- Ironman Copenhagen (18 AVG 2013), 4th place in its category with the current record of Serbia with time 8:57:08.
- First participation in the one and only Ironman World Championship in Hawaii (12 OCT 2013).
- Ironman Klagenfurt (29 JUN 2014), 3rd place in his category with time 8:58:28.
- Ironman Hokkaido in Japan (23 AVG 2015), 10th place in the elite category.
- Second successful participation in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii (14 OCT 2017).

End of 2013, he was awarded "Jovan Mikić Spartak" award for top-sport achievement in 2013, the most prestigious sports award in AP Vojvodina. In August 2017, he successfully conquered the Everesting cycling challenge and entered Everesting Hall of Fame, enrolling Serbia on a world map of countries where this extraordinary achievement was made.

Education: He attended the Uroš Predić Gymnasium in Pančevo, (1991-1995), after which he completed studies at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Belgrade (1995-2004). He has an STU Coaching License, ITU Level 2 Coaching Certificate, and is an IRONMAN certified coach.

In addition to his sports career, he has also developed coaching skills in endurance sports, and in 2017 has celebrated the twenty-year anniversary of his coaching career. During this period, he was active at the Triathlon Club Tamiš (APR 1997 - NOV 2013), as the head coach (1997-2013) and the team manager (2000-2012). He participated in the work of the Serbian Triathlon Union as Secretary-General in 2003, the Triathlon National Team Coach (2004-2013), Member of the Advisory Council (2005-2013), Team Manager (2005-2008), and from 2018 he become a member of the Executive Board. He was a member of the coaching team of the Danish company OOB life as a coach for endurance sports (JAN 2012 - APR 2017) and he started the COACHSAVIC project in 2009.

- Date Of Birth: 19 MAY 1976

- Height: 184 cm

- Weight: 84 kg

- Family: Married, two kids

- Special achievement: All continents triathlete



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