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Nemanja Korac

Endurance Sports Coach

Nemanja Korac was born on September 20, 1983 in Belgrade, Serbia. He finished Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Sport and...

Ivan Stevic

Cycling Coach

Ivan was born in Belgrade on March 12, 1980. He began his cycling career during the 90s in OBK Belgrade. He started competing...

Petar Ivackovic

Endurance Sports Coach


Petar was born on August, 2, 1996. He developed interest in triathlon from young age and showed a great potential as a junior athlete ...

Vladimir Savic

Endurance Sports Coach

Vladimir started swimming at age of nine. He won medals at the national and state championships in the categories...

Ivan Kovacevic

Tech Support

Ivan is profesor of physical education. In triathlon since 1996. Also, familiar with badminton sport since 2007. Last couple of years is in IT sector....

Miroslav Gajan

Tech Support

Miroslav is triathlete and student at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with major in IT who is helping CS team in the field of ones and zeros....

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Let us help your athletic dreams become a reality. Contact us.